Software and Data

In the context of work for the main research interests the research group "Decentralized Systems and Network Services" also achieves further results, that should be available for public use as well. The research group does not give any liability and warranty for the content provided here.

Selected open-source projects are availabe on GitHub.

Bitcoin Monitoring

Since 2015 we perform measurements of the Bitcoin peer-to-peer netzwerk and collect statistics on participating peers and the information propagation between peers.

Bitcoin Monitoring

Klemmchat - Unplugging Decentralized Algorithms


As part of a student thesis and subsequent publication for the "Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education" (WiPSCE), the Klemmchat teaching method was developed. Klemmchat uses elements of Computer Science Unplugged to teach students from 10th grade onwards aspects of power structures and reliability measures in distributed and decentralized architectures using the example of an instant messaging application. We provide detailed material for teachers for download. If you are interested or have any questions about Klemmchat and our experiences from the teaching experiment, please feel free to contact us at any time.

The publication was presented at WiPSCE 2022 in October and can be found here.

The slides of the workshop "Klemmchat: Wie man mit Lego Duplo Steinen Demokratie in Messengern entdeckt" of the Computer Science 2023 conference of the SH-HILL interest group can be found here.

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