Decentralized Systems and Network Services Research Group

Under the term "Decentralized Systems and Network Services" we understand distributed and networked technical systems that span over more than one administrative domain. Hence, their operation depends on more than one party. Our research focuses on:

  • Blockchains, broadcast and consensus algorithms and smart contracts
  • P2P-networks and network monitoring
  • Decentralized messaging at the example of Matrix
  • Identity Management and Access Control Systems
  • Secure and privacy-aware computing in partially trustworthy environments.


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11/15/2022: Job offer for PhD students/research assistants (f/m/d) in science on the topic: Theory and applications of decentralized systems.

For various application-oriented research activities in the areas of automotive software management, assistive humanoid robotics, and mobility-as-a-service systems, the Decentralized Systems and Network Services research group has several openings for PhD students/research assistants interested in research that combines theory and practice. Research activities focus on the design and analysis of decentralized methods for identity and access management, payments, and secure and privacy-friendly data exchange. Her/his work is part of a larger research project and offers the opportunity for a PhD. For more information and how to contact us, please visit the Human Resources Services page.

10/15/2022: Job offer for a PhD student/research assistant (f/m/d) in science on the topic: procedures for information security and privacy in humanoid assistance robotics.

The research group Decentralized Systems and Network Services is looking for a new research associate with a focus on the design and investigation of identity and access management methods as well as secure and privacy-compliant communication and data storage. Special attention is given to specification, implementation and evaluation of methods for networked and decentralized systems, in particular the Internet of Things, and associated middleware components. Her/his work is part of a larger research project and offers the opportunity for a PhD. For more information and how to contact us, please visit the Human Resources page.

Dave: "Can you bring me the medicine?" Robot: "I am sorry. I am unable to do that."
2022-07-28: Blue Sky Paper on the Combination of Access Control and Assistive Humanoid Robotics

In the not too distant future, assistive humanoid robots will provide versatile assistance for coping with everyday life. In their interactions with humans, not only safety, but also security and privacy issues need to be considered. We therefore argue that it is time to bring task planning and execution as a well-established field of robotics with access and usage control in the field of security and privacy closer together. As part of the JuBot Project, we do research on those issues together with the H2T research group. Our first paper with the title BlueSky: Combining Task Planning and Activity-Centric Access Control for Assistive Humanoid Robots published on SACMAT'22 is now freely available as Open Acces.

Decentralizing Watchtowers for Payment Channels Using IPFSKIT
2022/07/11: Paper on Decentralization of Watchtowers at DINPS'22 Workshop

Payment Channels enable scalable payments on blockchains but require that users are regularly online to defend their channels against fraud. This task can be outsourced to third parties, so called watchtowers. At the DINPS'22 workshop, we presented an idea to decentralize watchtowers so that users do not need to trust specific employed watchtowers but a user can be defended by any watchtower.