OvlVis - Applikation zur Visualisierung von Overlay Netzen

OvlVis core features:

  • User-friendly GUI
    • Drag&Drop style
    • Graph layouts
    • Zoom In/Out
    • Mini Map
  • Play-back functionality
  • Platform-independent through Java
  • Modular architecture
  • Easily extensible

In the context of the research project SESAM an application called OvlVis has been developed to visualize overlay networks and in particular Peer-to-Peer- (P2P-) networks. First, OvlVis can be used for monitoring the current behavior of the overlay network. Second, events can be visualized later on with the build-in “play-back functionality”. The OvlVis application and the according architecture are described in detail in the research thesis of Konrad Jünemann.

The application is implemented in Java and based amongst others on the jgraph library. The application and source code is freely available as zip archive  .  

The videos provided show the features of OvlVis as well as the P2P protocol Chord. To view the videos the Adobe Flash Player is sufficient.