PhySimWiFi für NS-3

  • Contact:

    Mittag, Jens; Papanastasiou, Stylianos (CSS)

  • Partner:

    Chalmers University of Technology - Signals and Systems (CSS)


PhySim-WiFi for NS-3 is a detailed and accurate implementation of the OFDM-based IEEE 802.11 standard within the popular network simulator NS-3. Compared to the default 802.11 PHY implementation of NS-3, which abstracts packets by considering only an average signal strength per paket und the length of the packet, the PhySim-WiFi implementation simulates the underlying signal processing steps of a transceiver down to the signal level, and introduces an increases accuracy for the decision whether a packet could be received correctly or not. At the same time, the new implementation allows to incoorporate more sophisticated channel models. For instance, due to the modeling of packets on a signal level, channel models can emulate multi-path effects much more accurately and are able to reflect Doppler effects and their impact on the physical layer signal processing algorithm.

The PhySim-WiFi implementation is a drop-in replacement of the default YansWifiPhy model, thus, it can be used with only minor modifications in the existing simulation code and the existing scenario setups.